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Sunday, February 15, 2004

Interfacing external applications and utilities with wiki systems

I recently came across Prosper ( - which is a latex class for producing presentations from latex source. I am quite pleased with features - it gives control over animation and almost all aspects. Another application that I came across was jfree ( a suite of java libraries that allow you to produce nice tables and outputs using XML definitions.

And the typical requirement is to collaboratively edit the sources and to generate the final files using these applications. There are two key problems: The input is in their native format (jfree may use XML) - and it is better to use wiki markup. Second, there should be a nice way to interface with external application so that the responsibility of writing connectors lies with these package owners and their users, rather than wiki system authors.

I think a unified mechanism for achieving these - across all wiki systems - is what we require here. More we standardize on wiki interfaces, more benefits will follow. Unfortunately, there is no standardization effort for many aspects of wiki systems - and that is indeed a bad news.

Monday, February 02, 2004

Editors for wiki systems

In mobility architectures for wiki, it is important that we have a local editor on local wiki topics and files, which you sync with central server.

So local wiki editing within a browser, with light-weight http server running on your laptop or mobile device would be desired.

Editor in javascript or java applet are not always good options: They should be available across all platforms, should be fast and like native editors. In fact, I am typing this in blogger's javascript editor. Works in windows; probably not in mozilla (well; I never saw this there!).

But flash should offer a good option - it is after all all UI rich and is available across different platforms. (Suggestions welcome!)

Though there are many javascript based editors, we require integration with wiki systems: Primarily performing format conversions. So you indeed require a open source editor.

Perhaps we should wait for mozilla editor control!

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