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Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Wiki (and twiki in particular) are very good for "Information Organization". I am trying to get a better term; but let us go on. Please note: I am quoting the use case from a typical organization setup.

You are a service within a organization. You maintain information in an internal website, and you create some new pages related to some new activity. And then you use email to send the URL of the start page for this activity. And people are happy; they can access the pages.

Well, what is forgotten here? If I have to come back after few days, there is no way to remember the URL. I have to access the specific mail (which is more and more difficult these days - with so much of information overload.) More importantly, the information is limited to only specific users who received the mail in the first place.

What is the right way to do this? You want an area in Home page of the site, in which you put new 'Start page' links for any new activity taken up. In twiki, this is too easy to do: Just refer to the new page (though it is not created as yet) from home page, and click on '?' accompanying this link to create the actual start page for the activity.

Now what is the right term for this? Information management? - too general. Information Access Management? - too much managerial. OK, forget it.

BTW, Portals also allow you to do the same. But initiating a portal in an organization setup is usually a very big affair, costing lot of money and time. In such a case, adding a link becomes a business process. Why can't we do some things by common sense?

And geeks: Don't assume this point is too silly to list here. We are one of the top organizations, and I find it very difficult to get this conveyed to a lot of people. And of course, they are good in their own field.

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