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Tuesday, May 25, 2004
Email is "attention management" and not "content management"!

Finally, someone from athority says it!! Check out EDventure :: the future of mail - and other topics:

the real value of the new mail, though, will be attention management rather than content management. In an iterative process based on explicit user instructions and watching of user behavior, mail will start to know what you want to see now, what you want to see later (and when), and what you want to see never.

I'm eager to hear about actual examples of these kinds of tools, and I hope to see a lot of them at Inbox. More when I know more.

Well, we will watch the blogs since we can't attend this important event!

One thing to add: As email moves to notification, the content will have to remain on the web. And that content is useless if you are on the move. So you ought to integrate that with synchronization tools; in other words, how nicely can you replicate that web on the laptop - without requiring any intervention from the user.

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